Other Subjects

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Albanian language and literature
English language
Information and Communication Technology
Economics and Entrepreneurship
Civic education
Physical Education
Electrotechnical drawing
Electrical wiring
Electrical Installation Security Technique
Drilling with drilling machines
Opening channels, holes and nests
Cable and conductor extension
Laying of pipes, placing of boxes and tables
Circuit connection according to installation schemes
Project Menagement
Electronics and leadership
Mounting the Installation Elements
Electrical machines and equipment
Measurements in electrical installations
Assembly of tablets
Installation of home locks
Perform earthing
Installing Lightning Strike
Electrical installation of an apartment
Placement of lightning equipment
Electrical Networks and Power Transmission
Installations on the surface of the wall
Electrical installations on the floor
Installing backup resources
Installing backup resources
Install the TV antenna network
Installing telephone lines
Installing the Interphone
Installing warning-alarm signals
Determining defects in electrical installations