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Albanian language and literature
English language
Information and Communication Technology
Economics and Entrepreneurship
Civic education
Physical Education
Topographic mappings
General geology
Creating a topographic profile
Geological mapping
Applicable biology
Theoretical bases of applicative chemistry
Historical geology with paleontology
Measurement of the elements of the layer with geological compass
Identification of minerals based on physical properties
Preparation of petrographic shale
The basics of geochemistry
Basics of hydrogeology
Engineering Geology
Research Drilling
Preparation of samples for the research of the physico-mechanical parameters of the soil and rock
Experimental works on aquifers (aquifers)
Preparation of the construction site for carrying out geological-engineering works
Geology of useful minerals
Applied Geophysics
Carrying and geological documentation of research drilling
Creating a Geological Map
Construction of geological profile in a coalfield
Soil and rock mechanics
Application of the carotage geotage methods in geology research