Other Subjects

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French language
Albanian language and literature
English language
Economics and Entrepreneurship
Knowledge about vehicles
Repair and maintenance of vehicles
Electrotechnics in vehicles
Car details
Digitizing works
Main works in the annealing system
Main works in the cooling system
Adjustments to the gas dispensing mechanisms
German language
Civic education
Information and Communication Technology
Physical Education
Technical drawing
Technical mechanics
Dismantling and mounting of engine parts
Main works on system of food in the engine
Environmental Protection
Works in friction
Works in the speed box
Works in the cardanic broadcaster
Works on half-mortar differential
Work in the management system
Works on the braking system
Works on the support system
Project Menagement
Vehicle diagnostic equipment
Works on the eight engine food system
Works on the diesel engine food system
Works on electricity sources
Works on the ignition system
Works on the engine start system
Works on the lighting system - signaling and auxiliary equipment
Diagnostic work on the engine
Diagnostic work on the vehicle
Project Menagement